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112 years ago images from san francisco s devastating - the 1906 san francisco earthquake struck on april 18 with an estimated magnitude of 7 8 the temblor was followed by major fires that lasted for several days the toll was high about 3 000 people, the san francisco earthquake 1906 eyewitness to history - t he terrifying rumble of an earthquake shattered the early morning silence of april 18 at 5 15 am the quake lasted only a minute but caused the worst natural disaster in the nation s history modern analysis estimates it registered 8 25 on the richter scale by comparison the quake that hit san francisco on october 17 1989 registered 6 7, museum of the city of san francisco - for over fifty years the staff of the museum of the city of san francisco has labored with your help to compile the first ever register of those who died in san francisco s great earthquake and fire of 1906, jordsk lvet i san francisco 1906 wikipedia den frie - jordsk lvet i san francisco 1906 var et st rre jordsk lv som ramte san francisco californien og kysten af det nordlige californien klokken 5 12 onsdag den 18 april 1906 det mest alment accepterede estimat for st rrelsen af jordsk lvet er 7 8 m w men andre tal er foresl et fra 7 7 og helt op til 8 25 epicenteret for hovedsk lvet l omkring 3 kilometer uden for kysten, san francisco oakland earthquake of 1989 united states - san francisco oakland earthquake of 1989 also called loma prieta earthquake major earthquake that struck the san francisco bay area california u s on october 17 1989 the strongest earthquake to hit the area since the san francisco earthquake of 1906 it caused 63 deaths nearly 3 800 injuries and an estimated 6 billion in property damage, san francisco history population map facts - san francisco san francisco city and port northern california u s located on a peninsula between the pacific ocean and san francisco bay it is a cultural and financial center of the western united states and one of the country s most cosmopolitan cities learn more about the city s history and character in this article, chinatown san francisco wikipedia - the chinatown centered on grant avenue and stockton street in san francisco california chinese pinyin t ngr nji jyutping tong4 jan4 gaai1 is the oldest chinatown in north america and the largest chinese enclave outside asia it is the oldest and largest of the four notable chinatowns within the city since its establishment in 1848 it has been highly important and, palace hotel san francisco a brief illustrated history - opened on october 2 1875 the palace hotel was the glorious final gift of the colorful but ill fated william chapman ralston to his adopted home city of san francisco born in ohio on january 12 1826 ralston an agent and sometimes even last minute captain of gold rush steamers that ferried thousands of gold seekers to california from panama was 28 when he finally settled, history of san francisco wikipedia - a spanish exploration party led by portol and arriving on november 2 1769 was the first documented european sighting of san francisco bay portol claimed the area for spain as part of the viceroyalty of new spain seven years later a spanish mission mission san francisco de as s mission dolores was established by fra jun pero serra and a military fort was built the presidio of, san francisco cable car images know before you go - for the visitor san francisco cable cars are not a means of transportation but a destination one of the things one has to see if they go to the city by the bay they also provide transportation to many of the city s most popular areas the san francisco cable cars run on three routes, 25 things you didn t know about san francisco mental floss - you know your bays and bridges but here are 25 unreal facts you might not have known about the golden city 1 the chinese fortune cookie was invented by a japanese resident of san francisco, san francisco history podcast sparkletack - the san francisco history podcast it s not because herb caen got hot under the collar about it and yeah i know it was practically the official name of the city in the decades following the gold rush a moniker beloved by locals and visitors alike in fact here s exhibit a on the pro frisco side a song sung by thousands of 49ers to the tune of oh susanna, 16 books to read if you love san francisco buzzfeed - 16 books to read if you love san francisco whether you re new to the city or have been around since 1849 these are the san francisco books you can t miss, earthquake faq university of california berkeley - there are two reasons for this one is the time between quakes on these two faults the 1868 earthquake on the hayward fault was considered the great san francisco earthquake until the san andreas fault ruptured in 1906, 2019 theme narrative triumph tragedy in history - national history day 2019 11 european history sample topics the triumph of gutenberg s printing press nazi art looting during world war ii the crusades a tragedy of religious proportion the battle of bosworth field the end to the wars of the roses edict of nantes triumph or tragedy triumph and tragedy of the french resistance, north beach san francisco travel sfgate - what s it like north beach is that rare thing a neighborhood that manages to be a perennial hit with tourists and also to remain beloved by san franciscans, 66 alma de bretteville spreckels san francisco history - the san francisco history podcast 12 responses to 66 alma de bretteville spreckels danvk february 4 2008 at 11 37 pm, how san francisco s neighborhoods got their mental floss - alden jewell san francisco s chinatown is the largest and oldest in north america the first two chinese immigrants arrived on the eagle an american brig in 1848 the first asian church in, st francis of assisi national shrine history - a short history of saint francis of assisi church pro cathedral of the archdiocese of san francisco established june 1849 when gold was discovered in california in 1849 a fortune hungry horde poured into yerba buena which recently had been renamed san francisco, awesome pictures infographics free wallpapers - here are the stories behind the most amazing images in the world of science this week a recap of the coolest photos featured on live science, san francisco wikipedia ti ng vi t - san francisco s n f r n s s k o t n ch nh th c th nh ph v qu n san francisco l m t trung t m v n h a v t i ch nh h ng u c a b c california v v ng v nh san francisco l qu n th nh ph th ng nh t duy nh t c a ti u bang california san francisco chi m m t di n t ch kho ng 46 9 d m vu ng anh 121 km 2, 2004 indian ocean earthquake and tsunami world events - the 2004 indian ocean earthquake was an undersea megathrust earthquake that occurred at 00 58 53 utc on sunday 26 december 2004 with an epicentre off the west coast of sumatra indonesia the quake itself is known by the scientific community as the sumatra andaman earthquake the resulting tsunami was given various names including the 2004 indian ocean tsunami south asian tsunami, breaker boys 1911 eyewitness to history - from the notes of lewis hine breaker boys smallest is angelo ross hughestown borough coal co pittston pa breaker boys were used in the anthracite coal mines to separate slate rock from the coal after it had been brought out of the shaft, history of deadly earthquakes bbc news - italy rushes to help homeless after earthquake 16 april 2016 a powerful 7 8 magnitude earthquake strikes ecuador s coast killing more than 650 people, a history of stanford stanford university - stanford university was founded in 1885 by california senator leland stanford and his wife jane to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization a portrait of senator leland stanford jane lathrop stanford leland stanford jr taken in 1878